Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hope - الأمل


A sometimes distant beacon of light that’s out of reach, but we know it’s there. Having hope, most of the time means, having a reason, a somebody, that helps you carry on.

At times you feel hopeless, with the weight of the world on your shoulders, the pressure building up in your head, the despair filling your heart. You turn to the next best thing, Someone who cares about you. These people usually listen, and hold you, they cry when you cry and smile when you smile. Consider yourself lucky to have such a someone in your life Because those who don’t, what do they do?

They’re easily eaten alive by the darkness emitted by their lost hearts.

The worst feeling you could possibly have as a human being is the feeling of not having anything or anyone to turn to when everything goes wrong, That feeling of being lost is what drives people to depression and, at one point, recklessness.

Currently going through this feeling, I understand it’s not anger that contributes to the pain because I’m not angry at anyone, and it’s nobody's fault I’m going through what I am. However the feeling of despair is all I know. Slowly, We learn how to cope with this feeling. It’s not in our nature to stay in such a state without doing something about it, Pretending that it’s all going to be alright in the end is a possible solution for serious cases, but such a solution is delusional in nature and useless in the long run. What does that leave?

What is left exactly is to think thoroughly, because most of the time there is always hope, there is always a solution, Sometimes you just gotta dig deep and look in the right places, you’ll find something.

As for myself? I choose to let the darkness eat me alive, and drown in my sorrows, but I have not and I will not lose hope, no matter how small the reason, the chance, the opportunity, Because you gotta stand for you believe in and fight the pain, if you can do that, you might have just proven that your cause is worth it.


V-XII-MMXIV Always here, Always waiting.

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