Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Lover Inside



Beth takes notes as her English teacher babbles on about a critique form essay, concentrating on what is being explained, her hand slowly gains weight on the pencil. She feels lost in the barrage of words being thrown at her having just come back from a vacation.

Her trance is awoken by the snapping of the tip of her HB2 Pencil. “Shit.” she exclaims. As she’s startled.
she looks to her right and calls out to a familiar face. “Oii Pedro, do you have a sharpener I can borrow, Hombre.”  Jokingly in a Mexican accent.
Pedro Laughs and passes the Sharpener to Beth, whispering to her in a Hispanic charm.
Beth Smiles an remembers the first time she spoke to Pedro, after a few tries where she backed out, how could she forget, it was indeed a week ago.

Later in the Courtyard, Beth walks to chill with her new “Friends”, yes it was an ethnic/cultural cocktail. her group consisted of Pedro, Michael, and Anna.
Michael and Anna were from Germany and Russia respectively. Beth had her own way with every single one of them. Just like she addressed Pedro in a way that kept him amused and engaged in the conversation, she had that same technique with the rest of her friends and quickly became a people’s person; That one person that no matter how long you talk to they will make you feel better about yourself.

Months passed by and Beth truly believed that she had found the ticket to end all those past years of torment, By this point she had forgotten her horrible past, all she could wake up to was the thought of. “What am I going to do today.” The Beth she once knew was gone, she hadn’t painted in a month, hadn’t picked up her guitar in 2. She couldn't barley remember the last time she spent a weekend in with her family. Beth faded away slowly, a mirror arose in her place, taking what the people want and putting it all together.

One day Beth walks into her only class where she's with all  3 of her closest friends. As the session starts she tries to turn her head to anyone from her group. . . her head would not budge.
She tries to open her mouth and call out for Anna, maybe talk to her about the newest piece of gossip on campus. . . Her mouth would not open.
She tries to move in any way. . . Nothing. She’s paralyzed, Beth takes a better look at the board in front of her and realizes that it’s dripping a dark liquid. In seconds the whole room is black and she’s all alone except for a figure arising in front of her.

An exact copy of Beth is now standing in her face, dark seas fill the space of her eyes while the rest of her glows white.
She calls out for Beth. “Hello darling, where do you think you’re going”
Beth replies. “wh.. wha.. what do you want from me? Who are you!?”
The Entity replies “ I am Beth, the real Beth. you are nothing more than a fake copy, you lost the originality you were born with a long time ago. . . . but most importantly, you betrayed me”
Beth shakes with fear. “yes” Continues the entity “Your first true love, your most loyal, we suffered together in one another's arms, comforting each other down the road. . .but now it’s over”

“I must rid this world of you, for you are now a body with no purpose, Just a bag where people dumped their attractions, what good are you to yourself? ”

Beth’s eyes go blank, and she’s unavailable to her classroom. . . .

She gets up at the end, ignores every soul, and rushes home, works on rebuilding what was once herself.
"nothing like painting to some songs” Beth’s whispers with dark eyes flowing, the tortured screams of her corrupted self motivate her for the coming months of the Healing process.


Definitely one of my weirder short stories.
Inspired by a person who doesn’t know how great she is.
“If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to.”
I dedicate this to Zee.

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