Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mark Clattenburg A Disgrace to English Football.

Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg, either a really bad referee or a very rich business man. Marks performance in the chelsea man u match in the premier league was horrible and completely off its as if he had done it on purpose but that is also an explanation in this case. There has been alot of talk about how Man u buys the reffs im not saying this isnt possible because the calls he made were not even close. First there was Ivanovic going after Young while he was on goal. Ivanovic was so close to Young and Young was running as fast as he can while throwing his legs backwards in the process. Ivanovic was too close so Young's leg made contact with Ivanovic thus tripping Young. Now this may be considered as a foul and even a yellow card but not a red, because there was no tackle in the process it was a 50/50 wich should have earned Ivanovic a yellow card tops.

Ashley Young (Professional Diver)

Then there was an attack held out by Torres, there was one Evans in his way so Torres got the ball between his legs and was about to pass him, (at this moment Torres was on goal). About to grab the ball he passed through excellently, Evans gets in the way by tackling Torres with little but present contact. "if Torres were to keep his balance and go on he couldve broken Evans's leg " said by Gary Neville a former Red Devil. so Torres at the ground so the reff coming, in hope of justice, but instead was handed another yellow making 1 red. Torres furiously went off the field and to the dressing room. Mark called it diving and said there was no contact . . . . . . . . .
Clattenburg's "No contact" 

And finally there was the dreaded offside goal by a man who seems to live in that position, Hernandez. The goal was most definitely an offside but even with Mark and two linesmen they couldnt tell so the easiest choice was to let them have the goal.

Hernandez's offside goal

All of this is a bit much to say that Mark didnt do anything on purpose, this was no coincidence especially because when the reff didn't have an influence on the match in the capitol one cup chelsea won a dramatic well deserved 5 - 4.