Thursday, December 20, 2012

Uefa Champions League Draw

Galatasaray F.C. VS  FC Schalke 04

Celtic FC   VS  Juventus

Arsenal FC   VS  FC Bayern Munchen

FC Shaktar Donstek  VS  Borussia Dortmund

AC Milan  VS  FC Barcelona

Real Madrid CF  VS  Manchester United FC

Valencia CF  VS  Paris Saint-Germain

FC Porto  VS  Malaga CF

May the best team win fairly and deservedly.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea has sustained the fifth highest average all-time attendance in English football and regularly attract over 40,000 fans to Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea holds the record for the highest ever points total for a league season (95), the fewest goals conceded during a league season (15), the highest number of Premier League victories in a season (29), the highest number of clean sheets overall in a Premier League season (25) (all set during the 2004–05 season), and the most consecutive clean sheets from the start of a league season (6).

Chelsea hold the record for the longest streak of unbeaten matches at home in the English top-flight, which lasted 86 matches from 20 March 2004 to 26 October 2008.

On 19 May 2007, Chelsea became the first team to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley Stadium, having also been the last to win it at the old Wembley.

On 26 December 1999, Chelsea became the first British side to field an entirely foreign starting line-up (no British or Irish players) in a Premier League match against Southampton.

Chelsea were the first English side to travel by airplane to a domestic away match, when they visited Newcastle United on 19 April 1957.

Chelsea mascot is a lion taken from their club logos and named Stamford The Lion. This lion costume was stolen by two men from Stamford Bridge in July 2005.

The Stamford Bridge was first built for Fulham, but for some reasons they refused to take the Bridge and was then presented to Chelsea, Rest is history.

The era of the 70s and 80s became the worse for Chelsea because they experienced financial difficulties because of plans to rebuild Stamford Bridge. As a result the star players were sold to raise funds and they were relegated to Division Two. Until finally Ken Bates bought Chelsea.

Didier Drogba hit his 100th Premier League goal - the first African player to score a century of goals. He also crossed 150 Premier League goals.

Frank Lampard scored Chelsea's 6000th goal against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge last season.

Chelsea were founded on 10 March 1905 at The Rising Sun pub (now The Butcher's Hook) At this stage they had a pensioners crest and were subsequently nicknamed "The Pensioners". This stuck until Ted Drake became manager and modernized the team.

Chelsea's biggest win on record was against Glossop in 1906 where they won 9-2. It was a Division Two match.

In the 1997-98 seasons Chelsea played one of the strangest matches in history. It was against Tromso and was 100 miles into the Arctic Circle. At one point the match had to be stopped so that snow could be cleared from the pitch!

Chelsea have been the subject of several films about Football. These include "The Great Game" which featured players from the team (1930) and which included several scenes that were filmed at Stamford Bridge itself. Other films they have been featured in include The Football Factory and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

Famous songs associated with the club include the comic song "On the day that Chelsea went and won the cup" (which describes a series of unlikely events on the day that Chelsea finally won a trophy), "Blue is the Color  (officially recognized as the clubs theme and that was number 5 in the UK chart in 1972) Blue Day (which was performed by the squad and Suggs from Madness in 1997) and We're Gonna Win (which Bryan Adams dedicated to the club as he was a Chelsea fan.) 

John Terry is the first defender ever in history of football who scored 50 goals.

Also we have the oldest stadium of all clubs in Europe. Stamford Bridge was built in 1877! Compare it to Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, San Siro, Old Trafford. 

So be proud of our amazing club all you Blues out there, Never doubt the team, and  KTBFFH

Monday, November 26, 2012

Farewell Roberto Di Matteo

Roberto Di Matteo

Roberto was simply amazing. I find it impossibly difficult to describe what he was, and when I try, words fail me. . . The last manager that made me feel this happy about my team's performance was  The Special One. I was at college on my break when the news of RDM's sacking hit me, first i was in shock and then disappointment, i started to think: "well shit who's the replacement?" i hated Roman Abrahamovic for the first few hours but in the end he just does whats best for the club, no player or manager has ever gotten in his way this is proven by the past. All we can do now is hope that replacement Rafa Benitez knows how to succeed RDM and help chelsea seal the EPL this year.

THANK YOU Roberto Di Matteo i hope the best for you in the future and for you to succeed at multiple clubs other than Chelsea you are always welcome at The Bridge.
We will never forget 19/05/12
KTBFFH - Good Luck

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mark Clattenburg A Disgrace to English Football.

Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg, either a really bad referee or a very rich business man. Marks performance in the chelsea man u match in the premier league was horrible and completely off its as if he had done it on purpose but that is also an explanation in this case. There has been alot of talk about how Man u buys the reffs im not saying this isnt possible because the calls he made were not even close. First there was Ivanovic going after Young while he was on goal. Ivanovic was so close to Young and Young was running as fast as he can while throwing his legs backwards in the process. Ivanovic was too close so Young's leg made contact with Ivanovic thus tripping Young. Now this may be considered as a foul and even a yellow card but not a red, because there was no tackle in the process it was a 50/50 wich should have earned Ivanovic a yellow card tops.

Ashley Young (Professional Diver)

Then there was an attack held out by Torres, there was one Evans in his way so Torres got the ball between his legs and was about to pass him, (at this moment Torres was on goal). About to grab the ball he passed through excellently, Evans gets in the way by tackling Torres with little but present contact. "if Torres were to keep his balance and go on he couldve broken Evans's leg " said by Gary Neville a former Red Devil. so Torres at the ground so the reff coming, in hope of justice, but instead was handed another yellow making 1 red. Torres furiously went off the field and to the dressing room. Mark called it diving and said there was no contact . . . . . . . . .
Clattenburg's "No contact" 

And finally there was the dreaded offside goal by a man who seems to live in that position, Hernandez. The goal was most definitely an offside but even with Mark and two linesmen they couldnt tell so the easiest choice was to let them have the goal.

Hernandez's offside goal

All of this is a bit much to say that Mark didnt do anything on purpose, this was no coincidence especially because when the reff didn't have an influence on the match in the capitol one cup chelsea won a dramatic well deserved 5 - 4. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Adventures Of Mario Balotelli.

Mario Balotelli has driven the media after him throughout his career story after story. here are some of the entertaining things the superstar has done.

£10,000 in parking fines.

Car has been impounded 27 times.

£300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team 
 because he was "bored".

Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside the casino.

Threw tomatoes at a Serie A manager.

Threw Water Balloons at a Serie A disciplinary hearing.

Started a fight with 4 bouncers after breaking the "no touching" rule at a strip club.

Had a £120,000 Audi imported, wrote it off within a week.

Had his friend approach girls in a nightclub and say "Balotelli will see you now"

Sent to the shops by his mother to buy essentials for the house, came back with a giant trampoline and a Vespa and a Scalectrix.

Has started fights at training with Kompany, Boateng, Tevez and Richards.

Was frequently seen at the AC Milan superstore while playing for Inter Milan.

Went on TV wearing an AC Milan shirt with his name on the back while playing for Inter.

Whilst playing for Italy under 21's, he is fouled, he sits on the pitch for 3-4 minutes ignoring the opposition, his team mates and the referee.

He is then offended when he gets sent off and protests about it.

Winks at Ferdinand after FA cup semi final and celebrates in front of the United fans.

After the cup final on live TV, he says " I have been sh*t this season, am I allowed say sh*t on TV?

Was stopped by police going around his hometown of Hulme with £ 25,000 cash in the passenger seat. When asked why he replied " Because I Can"


Had to be physically hauled away by Zanetti for refusing to let Samuel Eto'o take a penalty that he had earned.

Once broke up with a girlfriend via text whilst she was presenting a live show.

Slept with an Italian model while his girlfriend was downstairs.

Drove his car into a women's prison because he wanted to "look around"

Has connections with the Italian mafia, he has testified in court at a Mafia trial.

Brought his Ipad on to the bench for Italy's international against the Faroe Islands because he wanted to play games on it.

Was seen in a Manchester shopping center "hi-fiving" city fans the day after City had beaten United 6-1.

Became the face of a firework safety campaign a few days after setting his house on fire from letting off fireworks indoors.

Hands £50 notes to strangers when out shopping in Manchester.

Chanted "Rooney, Rooney" at the prostitute who claimed to have slept with Wayne Rooney.

Italy had just brought out a brand new home kit, at the start of the second half for their first match wearing the new kit, Balotelli came out in the old kit, claiming he didn't like the new one. Nobody else had changed.

Turned the landscaped back garden of his house into a Quad bike track.

Went in to Manchester University library and tried to pay off all outstanding book fines for everyone.

Adopted a stray cat which keeps going in to their training sess

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scariest shit ever

I dare anyone to check out this link and not shit their pants.

read all the texts and watch all the videos and click all the links if you're still alive comeback and comment on this 
NOT for the Faint hearted!! beware if you scare easily it could be dangerous for your health.

And yes this is a challenge ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lebanon an amazing country, The only of its kind. (30 Interesting Facts)

1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities.

2. It has 40 daily newspapers.

3. It has 47 universities.

4. It has over 100 banks. (that is banks and not branches of a bank) 

5. 70% of the students are in private schools. 

6. 40% of the Lebanese people are Christians (the highest percent in all the Arab countries) 

7. There's 1 doctor per 10 people in Lebanon

8. The name LEBANON appears 75 times in the Old Testament

9. The name CEDAR (Lebanon's tree) appears 75 times too in the Old


10. Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times (this is why it's

compared to The Phoenix).

11. There are 4.5 Million Lebanese in Lebanon

12. There are around 18 Million Lebanese outside Lebanon!

13. Sky Bar was once voted number 1 nightclub in the world.

14. Beirut is the 10th most popular shopping destination in the world.

1. Lebanon, the country, was occupied by over 16 countries:> Egyptians-Hittites-Assyrians- Babylonians- Persians- Alexander the greats Army- the Roman Empire Byzantine- the Arabian Peninsula-The Crusaders- the Ottoman Empire- Britain-France-Israel- Syria.

2. Byblos (city in Lebanon) is the oldest, continuously living city in the world. 

3. Lebanon's name has been around for 4,000 yrs non- stop (it's the oldest country/ nation's name in the world!) 

4. Lebanon is the only Arab country that doesn't have a desert. 

5. There are 15 rivers in Lebanon (all of them coming from its own mountains) 

6. Lebanon is one of the most populated countries in its archaeological sites, in the world!!! 

7. The first alphabet was created in Byblos (city in Lebanon) 

8. The only remaining temple of Jupiter (the main Roman god) is in Baalbeck, Lebanon (The City of the Sun) 

9. The name of BYBLOS comes from the BIBLE!!! 

10. Lebanon is the country that has the most books written about it. 

11. Lebanon is the only non-dictatorial country in the Arab world (it has a President!) 

12. According to Christianity, Jesus Christ made his 1st miracle in Lebanon, in Sidon ( Turning water into wine). 

13. The Phoenicians (Original People of Lebanon) built the 1st boat, and they were the first to sail ever! 

14. Phoenicians also reached America long before Christopher Columbus did. 

15. The 1st law school in the world was built in Lebanon, in Downtown Beirut. 

16. People say that the cedars were planted by God's own hands (This is why they're called "The Cedars of God", and this is why Lebanon is called "God's Country on Earth." Isn't it a real Crime Against Humanity to destroy a country with such history and legacy? Wake up people! Stay united against all outside forces that cannot live one minute watching a rose rise among thorns in this region

This my friends is my amazing country despite its flaws.
proud to be Lebanese! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Team BMW Vs Team Mercedes

When it comes to German cars, the first things that come to mind are ///M and AMG, the top competing manufacturers in Germany currently are BMW and Mercedes-Benz which one do you prefer? and i myself am a AMG Fanatic.


Bmw 300 ///M series

Bmw 500 ///M series

Bmw 600 ///M series
Bmw 300 Series ///M GTS 
Bmw Z4 roadster ///M GTS

Mercedes Benz

C-Class 300 AMG

E-Class 63 AMG

SL-Class 63 AMG

C-Class 63 AMG