Saturday, November 26, 2011

Champions League 2010 - 2011 : cheated , bribed , and lied (ive been meaning to post this since last year sorry)

Champions league 2011 was very suspicious and questionable especially the last 16 remaining teams that were the main event of this tournament. to begin with,the cheating was noticed as soon as the teams with a history of unfair-play behind them got into the hard stages Manchester United's patrice evras foul which could have been critical to a Chelsea win was denied allowing Manchester United to carry on to the final. But the BIGGEST cheater has yet to be exposed, our so called champions Barcelona FC were faced with Real Madrid, they had to release a secret weapon to take care of such a talented opponent : Sergio Busqets the best actor to ever play at FIFA. The target? Portuguese defender Pepe the stats of the match turned out that Pepe had stopped most of Leo Messi's attacks but right after half time Busqets took a double spin while falling, whining, and faking on the floor Pepe did take a charge tackle at Busqets but Busqets had done all of this before Pepe even touched him in fact Pepe was 5 to10 centimeters away. After Busqets's star performance Pepe was issued an outrageous red card allot of protest rose from the whole RMFC squad including the legendary coach Jose Morinho. After Jose crossed the line to tell the ref what he thought of the card, he also was issued a red card for getting on the field after Pepe was gone messi was free to score this is one of the many times FCB cheat their way through the CL they had also cheated chelsea out of the championship at the semi finals in 2008 where the score was 1 -0  and the time was 90 (+3min) Micheal Balack took a volley shot at the empty side of the goal but it was stopped by the "accidentally" extended arm of Ineista, instead of a penalty despite the red card that should have been given a yellow card was issued to Ballack for complaining. then ineista scored at 93 min gving them a 1 - 1 lead and a win by aggregate .