Friday, November 25, 2011

BMW 5 Series 528i - My Car Very Soon O.O

 This my friends is the 528i, right now one of the best luxury cars at BMW. just by looking at the outside you can tell that it has to be just as amazing on the inside lets see :

1- Auto Park Features : while driving at cruising speeds with the parking button on the car will automatically look for parking spaces that it can fit in and notifies you as soon as it see one all you have to do is choose the parking space with the press of a button and approach it so the car can do its magic.using one of its 8 cameras this car parks itself before you leave the car all you have to do is give it some gas it does all the steering! But if you don't like the auto park feature and you want to do it yourself the car is still there to help with 8 different cameras each with a different view, full sensors around the whole car (even the sides and doors), and an overhead simulation of your car and the objects around it on the screen.
2- Safety First : The 528i includes 12 airbags for the slight chance that you do have an accident. Even though the car makes it almost impossible to have such accidents with its driving sensors, while driving if a car is closing in at you from the side at any speed the steering wheel will vibrate and an indicator will appear on the screen telling you which side.
3- Driving Comfort : besides having comfortable near bucket seats it also works on the temperature of the environment if you want to make it a little bit colder or hotter all you need to do is say so using voice command. Without using GPS this car uses its front view camera and notifies you for every exit or turn that is coming up and tells you to slow down or speed up. That same front view camera has night vision that see way beyond the headlights it notifies you of pedestrian or other obstructions in the way.
4- Driving : this car can change to sport mode with the press of a button where it will accelerate faster than the normal mode it has driving modes for potholes and other unstable roads, it is available in V6 exactly 3.0L or V8 exactly 4.0L.
These were just some of the many features available in this car. You can own one too for (BMW 528i price) $48000 (US dollars) to $60000 depending on the country you're in.