Friday, September 5, 2014

Up in Flames.

She looked out her window, Past the iron bars, into the Storm. Desperately searching, as she would everyday.
She fails to spot what she seeks and scratches into her notepad the number “ 98 ’’.
She falls back on her bed and sighs out of frustration as her hair Fades, getting lighter and weaker as time passes her by.
she closes her eyes, only to see him. “Rovana” he screams.
She winces in pain as she remembers Connor’s Betrayal. Her first and only lover. Blinded by his love so bad she could hardly figure out he was the one who Aided her foes in Slaughtering her people. Her heart is torn in half as she remembers the Blood, the way she took the lives of an army in a swift rush of Anger. But she only sheds a tear remembering the way she ripped Connor’s Heart out with her burning claws and tossing it into the fiery depth of hell.
She screams in a low undertone, as she would every other day she remembered his face after that last blow.
Three Minutes into the Silence, she hears a whisper in the wind.
“Could it be” she ponders as she raises her head off the Tear soaked sheets.
“Rovana”. The voice more audible this time.
Rovana rushes to the window “No living being could make it past the defenses, my mind must be playing tricks on me.”
“This is no Trick my dear Rovana, I’ve Traveled long and far to find you”
Rovana hasn’t had any contact with any living being in months. She curiously opens small talk with the Stranger. “Who are you, how did you get here, what do you want?”
He finally appears to her as a dark and shadowy figure flying towards her window sill. “I, Mi Lady, am ShadowRein, the Count of Chaos and destruction. and I have come to free you.”
Rovana smiles. “What makes you so sure I want to be freed?”
ShadowRein smiles back “Well you did order your father and guards to lock you up on this Cold and stormy mountain. But why? because you slaughtered your people’s sworn enemies? I know you miss your power.”
Rovana Pouts “But I’m hideous in my final form.”
ShadowRein Smiles “On the Contrary, there’s nothing I’d rather see more than you in your Battle form again.”
Rovana is flattered But can’t help but wonder how this Creature knows her or knows any of this information, or how he got up here.
They talk for hours and hours at a time, and the more they talk the more Rovana feels safe and alive for the first time since she’s been locked away. She finally decides, it is ShadowRein who will mend her aching heart, re-invigorate her Dying Soul, fill her heart with the love she didn’t know she desired.
ShadowRein reveals he has been with her since she was a child, watching her, taking care of her, keeping her out of harms way until she was strong enough o defend herself. Always in the form of her shadow or a crow sometimes He would take the form of the stormy rain to sooth her nerves as she slept..
A few minutes before Sunrise ShadowRein Reveals his true form. “ Rovana, I am a shadow elemental, the last of my kind and I will release you at your command.”
Rovana being a Fire Elemental, the Servant of light, his exact Opposite, they were Ying and Yang, Neither of them cared.
She whispered “Release me, My dear ShadowRein.”
They kissed through the Iron Bars as ShadowRein brought the sky down and made the storm pass. The sun rose majestically a moment after and light warmed Rovana’s pale skin. she picked up her notepad and it quickly burst into flames at her burning hands.
She rises of the ground as the fire Engulfs her body and rips the Bars off the wall to be with her Beloved.
They fly down together, Hand in Hand, to the kingdom.
Right as she’s about to open the Palace doors she can feel her heart beat again pumping fiery blood into her veins. She hovers into the Palace with ShadowRein at her side and kneels at her Father’s throne bursting into tears of joy.
The king hugs his Daughter as the savor the emotional moment. Until the king sees ShadowRein.
“How dare you bring him here Rovana” he yells. The palace shakes of fear. “you should have finished him off the second you had the chance”
Rovana Pleads of her Father to leave him be. But it was inevitable.
She was persistent on her relationship with him.
The king after much discussion decides to Banish them both to the Wastelands. Disowning his only heir to the throne.
Rovana feels as though Boulders were dropped on her heart. she was crushed. ShadowRein looks at her with tears in his eyes and asks that she fulfills her fathers will.
The tension grows strong in the room and ShadowRein Breaks the silence. “ Rovana, I never loved you. . . . it was all a setup to bring you back to the Kingdom of fire and light, No one in his right mind would Love someone as violent and Hideous as you are.”
Rovana feels the weight of a thousand Mountains come crashing down on her head. “ ShadowRein, is this the truth? do you really feel this way?”
He Nods his head as he pushes her away.
The light hitting Rovana from the window Intensifies, as she rises higher off the ground, Her eyes glow with vigorous flames rushing at the sides. Her hair Turns a red as dark as blood and she goes into the Rage of Connor as a fire Storm Erupts from her heart. she levels the Palace around her destroying everything in her path, as the fire settles she looks around to see her Dead father, laying on the ground beside his guards.
Rovana Then makes her way towards the Dying ShadowRein. “Goodbye my love” she whispers in a wicked tone with a smile on her face as she Obliterates him in a shot of relentless flame.
as his Soul leaves his body he whispers back “You’re finally free my love, see you on the other side”
Years later Rovana looks to that same spot, while sitting on her Flaming throne her eyes filled with hatred and anger.
She then looks at her army and yells “The time of the flames has come my people, we attack at dawn”
A soldier prepares his only son for battle “Make your father proud my son, the time of the Bitter Queen has come”