Sunday, August 10, 2014

What doesn’t kill you might just hunt you down.

She Ran with every last Breath her Intoxicated Lungs could carry.
Why would she run? she chose her own fate, was warned several times.
What sane person chooses to purchase Eternal torture, while fully aware of the consequences. She wanted to scream, hoping someone could hear her but she was all alone in this baron land. The black leaves and fruits of her checkered actions whipped past her like scorching bullets grazing her pale skin. The pain and sorrow fails to stop her, she’s adamant on getting away this time, But That’s exactly what IT wants her to feel. . .

IT walks steadily, with no worries, Letting her have a good dose of confidence. With every pace IT get’s stronger Savoring every bit of energy for when IT finally gets to lay ITs black claws on her. IT can hear Her rustling through ITs Endless Jungle, Entangled in ITs Embrace. There’s no escaping what you chose to fill you heart. It’s Inevitable and only time separates her from the Monstrosity she created.
Her Heart feels like it could stop any second. Her lungs Burn as if engulfed in the Hell of her Sins.
She stops. . .
It’s been dark for years and Running has proved to have the same outcome. She sits down on the ground, sinking an Inch deep in the ashes of her blazing soul. She gives up, no one is there for her, no one ever was. Not her Oblivious parents, Not her frustrated friends, none of her loved ones cared anymore.
She faces her fate, catches her breath, and Stands up facing her doom, Embracing the fact of her shaming loss.
IT phases out of the darkness and stands in front of her. ITs face centimeters from hers, IT’s body almost connecting with hers.
IT asks her: “Are you ready.”
She Replies with tears streaming down her face: “Lets get it over with.”

IT takes her face into ITs hands and Kisses her in a way no softer than than a boulder colliding with a mountain. She’s taken into ITs ecstasy. IT Lets her go and she’s Lit. There’s no going back after the first taste. IT backs away before pouncing on her Shredding what clothes she did have, all that was protecting her. Her skin Burns with every touch, her soul Blazes with every shove, and her brain goes numb as the time goes by. She Stares into ITs Empty and Ruthless eyes and knows she’s lost. IT Exhales it’s Final breath over her Skin, She feels the heat. IT looks at her In disgust, at ITs prey one last time before entering her, and disappearing. . . 
She opens her eyes, and can finally see. The sun is shining as she’s been walking down the street, to think 5 min ago she was arguing with her Mother. She smiles, taking in a Breath of the clean Summer air.
She coughs. . .
Looks down at her hand, and Realizes her cigarette is finished, She flicks it towards the street, and reaches for her Pocket to Light another. She thinks back at the Pleasure, and the excitement she’s been through and says to her self.

“Some things are just worth it.”


Friday, August 8, 2014

The Price of Love.

You never know what the next lesson is going to be. That's because you're not supposed to.  You have to go through a lot before figuring it out. At some point you look back at your life, you look back at the things you've done, and the choices you've made you either praise or curse yourself. But considering almost no one is a perfectionist you'll probably bag  on yourself. But mostly you wonder ... how on earth did my mind , body , and soul ever say yes to that? I caught myself thinking about it and I concluded that maybe the offer was very tempting. It appealed to my senses in a way I couldn't resist.  Perhaps its because I have never experienced anything like it before.  You see, growing up I managed to create a sustainable life for myself I was pretty guarded with high walls. But they came tumbling down as soon as I allowed that organ to beat ... he gave it life but it destroyed mine .

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