Friday, April 11, 2014

Forever And Ever?



Forever. . .
What happens when you’re hooked on something that exists just as much as your reasoning skills do, at the time. We forget about Reality, or what could be, or what will be or what was, Completely blind to anything besides the present. Love is a truly phenomenal feeling, if you could call it a feeling.

How often have you seen or met different people with different ways they describe Love. The definitions are countless. Love has become a perception. A Non-existent, Bittersweet, Perception, ready to devour souls and occupy minds with endless redundant thoughts. It engraves itself deep in our psyche resulting in a people that will hurt, that could potentially break the norms and rules of society to defend this Non-existent Leech.

It is agreed on that the best thing in life is to love and be loved in return. To find joy and pleasure in Taking care of a person who finds an equal amount of pleasure and joy in taking care of you. Your perfect opposite, someone who has that piece of the puzzle you’re missing. Someone you could see becoming one person with. Someone ready to change you and be changed for the better.

But Everything has a price.
Love is an extreme word that usually doesn’t go smoothly with those who don’t understand it. The aftermath? Adultery, Mistrust, Lies, Divorces, and pure emotional pain.
If you’ve found the perfect person and you absolutely would still take a bullet for them after spending time with their best and their worst, then all that’s left is committing to this person. Passing through the hurdles life throws at you such as; Distance, trust, and having your differences etc. . .

Sometimes things go great and the sun shines everyday, other times you gotta admit when you’re beat and just let the feeling destroy you, instead of denying and trying to get it off your mind. In the end it will take you apart piece by piece until you go numb and can’t feel anymore.

Loving or being with someone is all about Back and Forth, Knowing when you’re outdone or beat, and Knowing when to talk and what to say and knowing when to share the silence and how. After all we do Adore those who ignore us, and Ignore those who adore us. The Human Nature is Peculiarly Demented .

“There’s Nothing more Interesting than a Person who Embraces Self-Demolition”