Thursday, July 25, 2013

Soul Food: Bully'seye

Soul Food: Bully'seye: 8 A.M:    "Another bloody day."   You walk towards the bus stop.  9 A.M: Sit behind the bus driver, and chuck loose change. . .

Read this post awhile ago. I don't know the author personally i just know shes really gifted, I've never read something with such a style. Absolutely Unique, give it a read if you have the time believe me its WORTH IT.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The C63 ////AMG Black Series

Beautiful Isn't She.
This my friends is the C 63 AMG Black Series. The now 8 cylinder 6.3L Monster, Born to kill. I know I made a post about a year ago about BMW but after driving both models I decided to go with Mercedes
The now V8 monster is the pride of C class, an absolute abomination, so uncontrollable that most Mercedes companies don’t allow test drives on it. After the new improvements it now produces a staggering 451 hp at 6,500 rpm. Rated higher than it’s rival the BMW M3, beating it in speed, power, and handling. The M3 almost matches it when it comes to drifting though, but 3 out of 4 is more than enough to put the AMG in first place. now being sold at about 62,000 USD in the USA price will differ for other countries considering tax and everything. The C63 does 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds but its not just your average racecar, it’s built to hold back all that power whenever you need to drive it around town as an everyday car. It includes special AMG features such as the Auxiliary Engine Cooler to keep it from overheating, 7 Speed AMG Transmission, optional Aluminum Paddle Shifters for that racecar feeling and easier shifting, AMG sport suspension to keep the ride as smooth as possible, Sport Exhaust for that monstrous sound which is a necessity to show that the bark is as tough as the bite, a High Performance AMG Braking System for a smooth slowing down and control, And one of the most important features of this AMG, the Electronic Stability Program which comes in 3 modes, ESP on, ESP off, And ESP Sport. You can imagine what those do, who of us has been in a Sports car and not played with the stability control ; ) .

A better View Of todays Beast. . .

And Last But not least the interior:

All the info is from the official website I do not intend to harm any copyrights nor am I a part of the Mercedes industry, I'm just a huge fan and thought of sharing my favorite car, to learn more about all the technology I didn’t mention you can go to where all the info is available.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Was It The Barca Era? Or The Guardiola Era.

  So is it just me or did FCB really just lose 2 classicos and barley tie 1 they were unable to cope with Real Madrid's skill this year which is unusual but why? i remember when Barcelona used to win 5 - 0 with ease against Madrid. and then everybody was blabbing their mouths about the "Barcelona Era" its "Our Time" they would say but is it really? i think it was the effort of one skilled man that created all of FCB's success. . . no I'm not talking about Messi. it was none other than Pep Guardiola their famous manager that left the club in the hands of the assistant Tito Villanova. the assistant wasn't doing such a bad job and then he learns that he has cancer and leaves the club in the hands of the 2nd assistant being Roura.

i mean since when do Barcelona get beat down 1 - 3 in their own fortress the camp Nou?!!

but this isn't 100% about Barcelona missing their manager its also mostly about the skill, Tenacity, and Mastery of Real Madrid who deserved every the two triumphs.

I Started writing this post back then when they lost the classicos and never got to publish it. I chose to finish it now because there has been more proof that it was Guardiola who was the mastermind behind FCB's Success.

So FCB did win the "La Liga" title this year but i'm not sure how challenging that is because all they had to do was survive against or beat 4 teams in their league. i mean what challenge is their in Spanish football? Its nothing compared to the challenges of English Football or Italian football.

i mean just look at FCB when they played in Europe this year:


After Goal After Goal After Goal

This Pic Says it all

The Team was not potentially ready for change, and then change hit them hard after Guardiola left. This Just comes to show you that the manager is one of the most important parts when it comes to a team's form and tactics. Lets see if next season Neymar Jr. will be the cure to the hangover Barca are living in . .