Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Staged Bombings In Boston Marathon

The bombing that took place in Boston a week ago are claimed to be Staged by the government to take away more of our rights. . . . . . . watch the video and decide for yourself, there is a hell of alot of proof in the video that is hard to dismiss and the video already has 2300000 views on Youtube.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gamers Aftermath

How many of us play or used to play or at least know a game called Half Life 2, The famous sequel of Valve's First Person Shooter series? Well for the first time in the world most probably, A Team called "Gamers Aftermath", Founded by 3 First year Students that go to the Lebanese  American University who joined up 3 other students That share their ambitions, Built an Exact Replica of Half of The LAU campus map inside the game as a map that could be used in Death match Mod. Using the Valve Software Development Kit The team Replicated Part of the Campus exactly as it is in real life, in the game, and made a tournament on Campus in the computer lab. Over 50 attendees Signed up for the tournament to see for themselves if the map is as amazing as the team claims. After The tournament Students are demanding The whole campus be made available for another tournament of Counter strike (Another Famous FPS Game). The Team will Soon Make Major Changes that the students require on campus, things the administration of LAU doesn't see. If you Have any questions send them directly to the blog and i (as a team Member) will Answer anyone wishing to see our work. The teams Objectives are to make Game development in Lebanon as Serious as it is in the USA, with industries like Activision, Blizzard, and Steam, by starting workshops lead by professionals in Lau and other Universities. the prototype is available for download in the link below, and so is a Trailer that explains it all.