Saturday, March 2, 2013

BlackBerry. . . . Its Over.

Before i begin, how many people reading this own, or by now used to own a Blackberry Smartphone as i do right now? Those of you who used to probably regret it by now and those of you who still use the infamous RIM device, you will regret it later i promise you. .

i myself bought the blackberry 9900 (bold 4) on the 12th of December 2011. at first i was in love with the phone and would use it 24/7 and take care of it as if its value knew no limits. but recently my Blackberry turned into a nightmare, just as the previous owners commenting on the internet said it would. first it was the freezing up, and i was tolerant with it. then it started to show deficiencies in connectivity and the sim card and performance and i overlooked that too because i loved my device. . . but when it starts to shutdown on its own and eventually not turn back on again until its plugged into the wall i just cant manage with that. it does that because right after you've charged it fully for hours it give low battery and shuts off your connections while it stays on (if it doesn't turn off) until the full battery is really gone!

How long has it been since the last OS 7 blackberry came out? well guess what!? the "supreme" Blackberry 10 is out now about 2 years after OS 7, and the surprise is all OS 7 phones are not allowed to update to OS 10 :D why?? so you can buy a new device for an approximation of 999$ (US Dollars). yes guys its true this new phone and OS make the old 1 look like some prehistoric shit, and they worked out the bugs (they claim) so that way eventually you will HAVE TO buy the new Blackberry Congrats we've all been cheated :D when the OS 7 came out the users were promised to be able to Upgrade but Its Up our's because sooner or later your OS 7 device is gonna malfunction somehow as they all do.
your options? either keep on going with this bullshit Just for BBM and the brand name Blackberry or change to another Brand with better quality, somebody who wont lie to us when it comes to using their devices.

So people take my word for this i have tried a countless amount of Blackberries and have always felt like iv'e been cheated (after all the good times i had with it)
its a good device and everything but the quality of it is just not good enough to keep for a long time. so when you're out shopping for a cell phone don't make the same mistakes a whole lot of people in the world made. (yes a WHOLE LOT google the BB problem forums)