Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ballon D'or, Surprise Surprise. . . . .

Ballon D'or 2012

The Candidates :
- Leo Messi
- Andres Iniesta
- Cristiano Ronaldo

The Winner: Leo Messi. . . . .  again and again and again and again what a surprise . . . but why??

a few worthless facts about scoring and assisting the most but since when is it all about quantity where did the quality go? but that was no surprise to anyone, it was obvious that the demented joke that is FIFA was gonna chose Messi again. 
Ronaldo should have won because 
- Wins La Liga with points record ..
- Wins the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona ..
- Sends Portugal in the semi-finals ..
- Sends Real Madrid in the semifinals ..
- Best scorer of Euro 2012 ..
- first player to score in six consecutive clasicos
- scored against all teams that he faced ..
- Overcoming direct rival in two competitions; La Liga and Supercup

And finally his rival wins Ballon d'Or just because he scored more goals. One year ago Messi claimed that to win trophies is more important, while this year he changes everything and says its more important to score.
What a poser -.-
Okay so that was the Ballon D'or/ Complete Bullshit
Disgrace. . . makes me sick

and then you had the best Manager of 2012 and guess what? it wasn't a Champions League Winner or a Premier League winner or a Liga Winner, or a Scudetto Winner it was none other than Vincent Del Bosque for winning Euro 2012. the decision was fine as in OK but it wasn't the best, Whatever happened to Dimatteo, Mancicni, Morinhio and Fergueson and others or are they just a bunch of non-spanish panzees?

i let this one slide too

but that's not even half of what was wrong with last night when i saw the World best XI that's when i decided that FIFA is in love with Spain. .  this is what 2012's WORLD best XI (emphasize on "world"):
  • Casillas
  •  Alves
  •  Pique
  •  Ramos
  •  Marcelo
  •  Alonso
  •  Xavi
  •  Iniesta
  •  Messi
  •  Falcao
  •  Ronaldo

This is not World Best XI its more like Liga BBVA best XI, NO Man City players (The EPL winners: world's best league), NO Chelsea players (Champions of Europe) and NO Juventus players (Unbeaten champions of Italy.

in Conclusion FIFA CAN SUCK IT!!! if you put Liga Best XI they could never dream of beating Premier League Best XI or Serie A Best XI or BundesLiga XI