Sunday, November 24, 2013

Solitude Is My Strength

Have you ever gone to a cafe, restaurant, or local pub, all alone with a book or laptop? just to go and have a good time with yourself? obviously most of the answers i got were no with a weird look. this is a cruel world where people are judgmental people are opinionated people are shallow most of my friends wouldn't be caught dead at a cafe alone reading or writing or listening to music. But why? whats wrong with that? A while ago i used to be insecure too, i would be afraid to be seen sitting alone, afraid of being called a loner or worse a loser that doesn't have friends. Sometimes i feel none of my “friends” will always be there for me they probably won’t.
But one day i was in English 102 and my teacher started talking about how she took herself out to lunch and dessert and then a book last weekend. I curiously asked her how she could do that, telling her id lose my mind if i didn't do anything all weekend, even if it was something i didn't like doing at least i wasn't alone, she replied in a way that changed me, this is more or less the exact convo :

Do you easily make a lot of friends? Are you that lovable person that people enjoy being around all the time? obviously my answer to both questions was a big fat No.
Do you know why?
no i don’t, i guess maybe i can be annoying sometimes?
no its because if you don’t like being around yourself how do you expect other people to?
i started to understand as she went on
if you can go out with yourself for a whole day, have a good time, not care about what people might say, then you've accomplished something people almost find impossible to do.

when you become your favorite person, you wont care about all those fake friends that you talk to here at the University who are gonna judge you anyway. i instantly knew she was right after that, as soon as class was over i took my laptop with me to Costa feeling paranoid that somewhere somebody was judging me, sat down, ordered a coffee and continued to work on a novel i'm working on for a satisfying 3 hours, it was the first step. There’s nothing wrong with being alone sometimes, if you’re that amazing person you claim to be then you should love it when you're alone, instead of fearing the very thought of loneliness and judging those around you.
It was major help to me and i hope it helps you to

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Humanity +


Can you imagine how many people are being born this minute?
Thousands. . . . Hundreds are born every second, But its only potentially a problem because around thousands also die every minute. But think of it this way, according to statistics in a few years the population will stop at a balanced number of around 10 billion.
But the coming of that day also means the coming of the day we run out of many vital resources.
There already are active movements working towards the most upscale inhumane project I've ever seen. They go by the name Humanity + (or H+), Most dedicated members have a Tattoo similar to the following on the right shoulder usually. (H+)

Humanity + is a group of Trans humanists. Trans humanism is Trans humanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

In other words the believe in survival of the fittest. they plan on making so called (Super Humans) with extended memory, advanced intelligence, advanced strength, and prolonged life, and much more. All of this is achieved through scientific breakthroughs.
Lets say it happened soon, and all the rich people could afford the enhancements, what about the high percentage poor people of the world, what do you think would happen to them? the gap between the rich class and everything below will grow to more than just “I’m richer so I’m better” it will become a truth that the rich person is literally better. With all the enhancements the rich people will buy, the people who cannot afford it will become outdated and useless in a world of super beings.

Trans humanists have no problem with leaving the weak and unenhanced to die, after research from their point of view, the perfect population to live on earth with is 2 Billion. so killing the 5 billion to live a happy, peaceful, clean and satisfying life on earth doesn’t seem the least bit unethical to them.

But how would they kill so many people without a mass holocaust or Armageddon. Well no one is 100% sure but a few conspiracy theorists say that, Biological warfare is an actual daily thing. Like when suddenly a disease comes out of nowhere and kills hundreds of thousands of people. the theorists mentioned things like AIDS, Influenza, and most viruses.

For more info on Trans Humanism and what they’re about and how big they really are you can always search for videos and articles. don’t take my word for it.

Inspired by Dan Brown’s latest Book “Inferno”

This is not Fiction


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Soul Food: Bully'seye

Soul Food: Bully'seye: 8 A.M:    "Another bloody day."   You walk towards the bus stop.  9 A.M: Sit behind the bus driver, and chuck loose change. . .

Read this post awhile ago. I don't know the author personally i just know shes really gifted, I've never read something with such a style. Absolutely Unique, give it a read if you have the time believe me its WORTH IT.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The C63 ////AMG Black Series

Beautiful Isn't She.
This my friends is the C 63 AMG Black Series. The now 8 cylinder 6.3L Monster, Born to kill. I know I made a post about a year ago about BMW but after driving both models I decided to go with Mercedes
The now V8 monster is the pride of C class, an absolute abomination, so uncontrollable that most Mercedes companies don’t allow test drives on it. After the new improvements it now produces a staggering 451 hp at 6,500 rpm. Rated higher than it’s rival the BMW M3, beating it in speed, power, and handling. The M3 almost matches it when it comes to drifting though, but 3 out of 4 is more than enough to put the AMG in first place. now being sold at about 62,000 USD in the USA price will differ for other countries considering tax and everything. The C63 does 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds but its not just your average racecar, it’s built to hold back all that power whenever you need to drive it around town as an everyday car. It includes special AMG features such as the Auxiliary Engine Cooler to keep it from overheating, 7 Speed AMG Transmission, optional Aluminum Paddle Shifters for that racecar feeling and easier shifting, AMG sport suspension to keep the ride as smooth as possible, Sport Exhaust for that monstrous sound which is a necessity to show that the bark is as tough as the bite, a High Performance AMG Braking System for a smooth slowing down and control, And one of the most important features of this AMG, the Electronic Stability Program which comes in 3 modes, ESP on, ESP off, And ESP Sport. You can imagine what those do, who of us has been in a Sports car and not played with the stability control ; ) .

A better View Of todays Beast. . .

And Last But not least the interior:

All the info is from the official website I do not intend to harm any copyrights nor am I a part of the Mercedes industry, I'm just a huge fan and thought of sharing my favorite car, to learn more about all the technology I didn’t mention you can go to where all the info is available.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Was It The Barca Era? Or The Guardiola Era.

  So is it just me or did FCB really just lose 2 classicos and barley tie 1 they were unable to cope with Real Madrid's skill this year which is unusual but why? i remember when Barcelona used to win 5 - 0 with ease against Madrid. and then everybody was blabbing their mouths about the "Barcelona Era" its "Our Time" they would say but is it really? i think it was the effort of one skilled man that created all of FCB's success. . . no I'm not talking about Messi. it was none other than Pep Guardiola their famous manager that left the club in the hands of the assistant Tito Villanova. the assistant wasn't doing such a bad job and then he learns that he has cancer and leaves the club in the hands of the 2nd assistant being Roura.

i mean since when do Barcelona get beat down 1 - 3 in their own fortress the camp Nou?!!

but this isn't 100% about Barcelona missing their manager its also mostly about the skill, Tenacity, and Mastery of Real Madrid who deserved every the two triumphs.

I Started writing this post back then when they lost the classicos and never got to publish it. I chose to finish it now because there has been more proof that it was Guardiola who was the mastermind behind FCB's Success.

So FCB did win the "La Liga" title this year but i'm not sure how challenging that is because all they had to do was survive against or beat 4 teams in their league. i mean what challenge is their in Spanish football? Its nothing compared to the challenges of English Football or Italian football.

i mean just look at FCB when they played in Europe this year:


After Goal After Goal After Goal

This Pic Says it all

The Team was not potentially ready for change, and then change hit them hard after Guardiola left. This Just comes to show you that the manager is one of the most important parts when it comes to a team's form and tactics. Lets see if next season Neymar Jr. will be the cure to the hangover Barca are living in . .

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Football New Kits - 13/14 Season

Chelsea Fc - Home


Manchester United - Home

No away yet

Manchester City - Home

No Away yet

Liverpool Fc - Home


Arsenal Fc - Home (maybe)

No away yet
Real Madrid - Home 

No Away Yet

FC Barcelona

Atletico Madrid

Valencia Fc - Home


Ac Milan

No Away Yet


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Staged Bombings In Boston Marathon

The bombing that took place in Boston a week ago are claimed to be Staged by the government to take away more of our rights. . . . . . . watch the video and decide for yourself, there is a hell of alot of proof in the video that is hard to dismiss and the video already has 2300000 views on Youtube.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gamers Aftermath

How many of us play or used to play or at least know a game called Half Life 2, The famous sequel of Valve's First Person Shooter series? Well for the first time in the world most probably, A Team called "Gamers Aftermath", Founded by 3 First year Students that go to the Lebanese  American University who joined up 3 other students That share their ambitions, Built an Exact Replica of Half of The LAU campus map inside the game as a map that could be used in Death match Mod. Using the Valve Software Development Kit The team Replicated Part of the Campus exactly as it is in real life, in the game, and made a tournament on Campus in the computer lab. Over 50 attendees Signed up for the tournament to see for themselves if the map is as amazing as the team claims. After The tournament Students are demanding The whole campus be made available for another tournament of Counter strike (Another Famous FPS Game). The Team will Soon Make Major Changes that the students require on campus, things the administration of LAU doesn't see. If you Have any questions send them directly to the blog and i (as a team Member) will Answer anyone wishing to see our work. The teams Objectives are to make Game development in Lebanon as Serious as it is in the USA, with industries like Activision, Blizzard, and Steam, by starting workshops lead by professionals in Lau and other Universities. the prototype is available for download in the link below, and so is a Trailer that explains it all.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

BlackBerry. . . . Its Over.

Before i begin, how many people reading this own, or by now used to own a Blackberry Smartphone as i do right now? Those of you who used to probably regret it by now and those of you who still use the infamous RIM device, you will regret it later i promise you. .

i myself bought the blackberry 9900 (bold 4) on the 12th of December 2011. at first i was in love with the phone and would use it 24/7 and take care of it as if its value knew no limits. but recently my Blackberry turned into a nightmare, just as the previous owners commenting on the internet said it would. first it was the freezing up, and i was tolerant with it. then it started to show deficiencies in connectivity and the sim card and performance and i overlooked that too because i loved my device. . . but when it starts to shutdown on its own and eventually not turn back on again until its plugged into the wall i just cant manage with that. it does that because right after you've charged it fully for hours it give low battery and shuts off your connections while it stays on (if it doesn't turn off) until the full battery is really gone!

How long has it been since the last OS 7 blackberry came out? well guess what!? the "supreme" Blackberry 10 is out now about 2 years after OS 7, and the surprise is all OS 7 phones are not allowed to update to OS 10 :D why?? so you can buy a new device for an approximation of 999$ (US Dollars). yes guys its true this new phone and OS make the old 1 look like some prehistoric shit, and they worked out the bugs (they claim) so that way eventually you will HAVE TO buy the new Blackberry Congrats we've all been cheated :D when the OS 7 came out the users were promised to be able to Upgrade but Its Up our's because sooner or later your OS 7 device is gonna malfunction somehow as they all do.
your options? either keep on going with this bullshit Just for BBM and the brand name Blackberry or change to another Brand with better quality, somebody who wont lie to us when it comes to using their devices.

So people take my word for this i have tried a countless amount of Blackberries and have always felt like iv'e been cheated (after all the good times i had with it)
its a good device and everything but the quality of it is just not good enough to keep for a long time. so when you're out shopping for a cell phone don't make the same mistakes a whole lot of people in the world made. (yes a WHOLE LOT google the BB problem forums)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ballon D'or, Surprise Surprise. . . . .

Ballon D'or 2012

The Candidates :
- Leo Messi
- Andres Iniesta
- Cristiano Ronaldo

The Winner: Leo Messi. . . . .  again and again and again and again what a surprise . . . but why??

a few worthless facts about scoring and assisting the most but since when is it all about quantity where did the quality go? but that was no surprise to anyone, it was obvious that the demented joke that is FIFA was gonna chose Messi again. 
Ronaldo should have won because 
- Wins La Liga with points record ..
- Wins the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona ..
- Sends Portugal in the semi-finals ..
- Sends Real Madrid in the semifinals ..
- Best scorer of Euro 2012 ..
- first player to score in six consecutive clasicos
- scored against all teams that he faced ..
- Overcoming direct rival in two competitions; La Liga and Supercup

And finally his rival wins Ballon d'Or just because he scored more goals. One year ago Messi claimed that to win trophies is more important, while this year he changes everything and says its more important to score.
What a poser -.-
Okay so that was the Ballon D'or/ Complete Bullshit
Disgrace. . . makes me sick

and then you had the best Manager of 2012 and guess what? it wasn't a Champions League Winner or a Premier League winner or a Liga Winner, or a Scudetto Winner it was none other than Vincent Del Bosque for winning Euro 2012. the decision was fine as in OK but it wasn't the best, Whatever happened to Dimatteo, Mancicni, Morinhio and Fergueson and others or are they just a bunch of non-spanish panzees?

i let this one slide too

but that's not even half of what was wrong with last night when i saw the World best XI that's when i decided that FIFA is in love with Spain. .  this is what 2012's WORLD best XI (emphasize on "world"):
  • Casillas
  •  Alves
  •  Pique
  •  Ramos
  •  Marcelo
  •  Alonso
  •  Xavi
  •  Iniesta
  •  Messi
  •  Falcao
  •  Ronaldo

This is not World Best XI its more like Liga BBVA best XI, NO Man City players (The EPL winners: world's best league), NO Chelsea players (Champions of Europe) and NO Juventus players (Unbeaten champions of Italy.

in Conclusion FIFA CAN SUCK IT!!! if you put Liga Best XI they could never dream of beating Premier League Best XI or Serie A Best XI or BundesLiga XI