Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chelsea Vs FCB Champions league 2009 - 2010 - i will never forget. . . .

The Referee: Barcelona Football Club's 12th Player

Real Madrid - The BIG Problem

The December 10 classico which took place at the great Santiago Bernabeu  last night witnessed the loss of "El Blancos" to their visitors the Catalans. The defeat was a bit humiliating for Morinhos side which was leading 1-0 but then saw the 1-3 come like lightening. It was shocking for all those Madridistas out there but why do Madrid keep losing to the Blaugranas. Everyone expected an easy win for Madrid seeing how they picked up their game this year with a perfect champions league rise and a semi perfect la liga performance. Where did "El Blancos" go wrong?? As i was watching yesterdays spectacle I realized a few key points that brought us down. To begin with barcelona's expertise had nothing to do with the Madrid loss they may have figured out what we were doing wrong but it was that and luck that brought them out as winners. Madrids main problem is that they were playing the classico mindlessly, they were throwing out sheer power with absolutely no thoughts the title of the problem is bulk over brains. in soccer there is such a thing as "too much effort" in regular days Madrid would play normally against some team and win 5 - 0 easy. classico is in fact "any match" that should be dealt with the same way any other team is dealt with no matter weak or strong. Barcelona understand that and they were using our sheer force against us while we didn't stop for a second and think all we did throughout  the match was dish out more force which was countered easy. Another factor is trusting in each other. Morinho made a mistake by not playing Jose Callejon, the fact of winning blinded the manager of what Callejon was capable of. if Madrid seek to win the next classico even though its at camp Nou they must play with their minds and hearts not their force or speed and they must also learn to risk Barcelona understand that i hope Morinho figures it out soon we need this season.. .. .. ..