Sunday, April 17, 2011

EL "Classico"

FC Barcelona has finally met its match last night at the Spanish league clash with Real Madrid as these 2 titans started at each other yesterday there was doubt that barcelona were gonna win this one until a challenge that led to a red card to real's Albiol as soon as barcelona scored the penalty all hopes of winning for Madrid was slowly fading until towards the very end Madrid were given a penalty taken by the graceful CR9 which without a doubt was a goal before h even took the shot this led to a tie on Madrid's field has Barcelona met its match we'll see in the next 2 weeks were this match will take place 3 more times! may the best win ;)        

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Congrats Manchester United

first i want to identify myself as a Chelsea fan and Manchester untied deserved to march on to the semifinals as quoted by Petr Cech. Now congrats Man UTD the match was well played and 100% fair no excuses but only remarks; carlo ancelotti has got to go , instead of playing on benayoun he sent out paulo fereira wich was a major mistake lets hope that jose morinhio has the zeal to coach chelsea next season. Good luck Manchester United against shalcke and hopefull real madrid or Fc barcelona :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chlsea FC VS MAN UTD - round 2

Chelsea FC after a horrific defeat of 1 - 0 on Stamford bridge have one more chance to stay in UEFA Champions League and possibly a chance to win the prestigious cup for once in their history. Chelsea have declared that 20 players will travel to old trafford and they will be using a 4-4-2 formation with the usual players but this time has an addition of Benayoun and Alex recently back from injury hope fully they will help in flipping the match on old trafford and continuing on the road to Wembly stadium until then we can only pray good luck chelsea. :)  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

FC Barcelona

Barcelona football club is a very interesting team with the best players of each country whats even better about this team is that they have impeccable team work skills after a month all the players have gotten fond of each other making them an absolutely perfect team. FC barcelona are without a question the best team in UEFA champions league and are the perfect contenders for the cup, and that is why they must get defeated but this has become difficult due to how scared all the teams are from them. A defeat of barcelona will make the other teams confident making it fair for all once again but until a team skilled enough to take on barcelona comes along they remain on top of all.

chelsea vs manchester united champions league quarter final - cheated -

 The match that took place on Wednesday evening was extraordinary with two equal teams with equal strength agility power and reputation however after Wayne Rooney of man Utd scored a clean goal assisted by Ryan Giggs allowed by a mistake of the Chelsea defender Bosingwa Chelsea began to take offense with many ruthless attacks which the experienced van der sar stopped at Chelsea's surprise but in the end despite the countless talented  strikes by Chelsea's attackers, the Brazilian Ramirez was brought down by the french Patrice evra who acclaimed it was not a foul , the ref completely ignored this foul play and gave Chelsea no penalty but after man utd went home with a 1-0 advantage away goal the ref stayed with chelsea and saw the replay after he agreed it was a penalty but it was to late now chelsea must win a 2-0 victory on old trafford to secure a continue in uefa champions league.   .   .


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